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Sourdough/Artisan Bread Baking

Course duration:    9.30am - 5.00pm


This baking course will guide you through the traditional techniques of making breads with fuller flavour, and provide a better understanding of the important part played by ferments and the other key ingredients to ensure success in these recipes.


During the day, you will make breads using three different types of ferment: fresh baker’s yeast, an overnight slow ferment or “biga”, and “wild yeast” sourdough, which you will prepare in advance of the course. Key to our traditional breads, you will use a range of Tuxford Windmill stoneground flours including strong white, wholemeal, semolina, and malted and mixed grains.  


The recipes begin with fresh yeast to make two continental breads which use herbs and savoury ingredients. These will help you to understand the key steps of the bread baking process, and how to incorporate other ingredients successfully in order to give flavour and texture.  


We will then use slower overnight ferments to make a delicious rustic beer and oat bread as a rustic loaf and a clay pot loaf.  Finally, in contrast you will make a soft textured, tangy, rustic “sourdough” bread, to introduce you to the slower pace of bread making using natural leavens for basket risen loaves.  


The course will give you confidence to become more experimental in your approach to baking and help you to understand more about the key important steps in baking traditional breads.

Recipe and reminder sheets are provided, with plenty of opportunity during the day to discuss the ingredients, and the artisan baking techniques we encounter in this practical course.  


The cost of course is:  £150 which includes:

·         All equipment and ingredients (including a sourdough if yours is not ready in time!)

·         Recipes, suggested variants, and technique reminder sheets

·         Discussion of the ingredients recipes and the baking techniques we encounter during the day   

·         Tuxford Windmill Apron

·         2-course bakers lunch (with demonstration breads made on the course), coffee/tea & refreshments during the day

·         There should be an opportunity to visit the windmill to see how the speciality stoneground flours are made

·         You get to take home all that you bake!


Upcoming Dates


For availability or to book:

Call:  01777-871202

(between 4pm and 6pm) or



Sunday  3rd December 2017

      IMG_2208 BEER AND OAT BREAD_small

Beer and Oatmeal Bread!