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My Puppy Years


“Hello, my name’s Sid and I’m the dog that lives at the famous Tuxford Windmill in north Nottinghamshire.


This book is the story of my life so far – and what a wonderful life it has been.


I’ll tell you all about the exciting adventures I’ve had, about the scrapes I get into and about the very undoggy things I do – like singing, and attempting to fly. I promise to let you into all my secrets.


At the same time I’ll tell you about the history of this fine old mill and how it’s been restored to full working order.


Oh and in case you were wondering…yes, I did get a little help from my Mummy with writing these memoirs!”

A soft cover book, beautifully illustrated, contains black and white historical photographs of the 200 year old windmill.  ISBN: 978-0-9572029

Price: £5.95

Postage & Packaging based on one book:  £1.50 (2nd class post)   United Kingdom only

Payment:  By cheque or card. 


Place your order by sending an email to : fari@tuxford-windmill.co.uk