Getting Tuxford Windmill Flour

During the crisis


We are just a small operation and don’t have elaborate ordering systems so please bear with us! To help us out we would ask that you read the following and then follow the instructions – that should get your order into our “system” and we’ll be in touch with you to let you know when you can expect your flour.

Currently we are providing flour to our customers in 2 ways:

1.    Ordering and collecting directly from the Windmill.

a.      We prefer you to use e-mail for all ordering –

Fari generally answers ALL e-mails within 24 hours – well over 100 per day at the moment!

b.     If you do not have e-mail capability then call us on 01777-871202 (Please don’t call if you can e-mail)


2.     Through one of our established outlets.

a.      We are making weekly and/or twice weekly drops to our outlets with as much flour as we can produce

What we don’t do:

Home deliveries

Our efforts are geared to providing flour for our regular customers and those who can get to the windmill. There are an increasing number of organisations who are providing home delivery service and some of our outlets are doing this and we will try to support them where possible – in particular Thaymar Ice Cream (Bothamsall), Fruit Basket (West Bridgford) and Harringtons (Edwalton)

Bulk orders

We are producing flour daily (up to 14 hours a day), so there will be more flour available next week and the week after and the week after…..  We are still only a small producer, but our intention is to provide a reasonable amount to as many people as possible, rather than a lot to a few.  

Mail Order

Currently our priority is to provide flour for our regular customers and our local community – we don’t believe that mail ordering around the country is appropriate at this point, but will be providing this service later in the year.