Check the chart to see what might be happening....

Wind SpeedActivity
0 - 5 MphCalm - unlikely to be turning
10 - 15 MphDecent wind - we could well be milling
15 - 20 MphIdeal milling wind
20 - 30 MphEverything should be running
30 - 40 MphGetting to be a bit too much for windy....
40+ MphWindy has everything locked down!

Of course there may be other factors on any day that mean we are not milling:
  • Maintenance (heavy machinery needs a lot of TLC)
  • Miller is doing a farmers market (we have to sell the flour as well as make it)
  • Miller is too tired (well it can be hard work!)

After checking to see if the wind is right for milling, to avoid disappointment, we recommend giving us a call to check that the Miller is running the mill!