Nothing like a little "hands-on" milling to bring things to life!

The site is closed to the public during the school visit to provide a safe and secure environment so the teachers (and students) can focus on their planned activities.

School Visits

We have countless ways to interest and engage your students:

Together with educational consultants and teachers we have developed educational visits in line with the KS1 and KS2 syllabus. Our informative "School Pack" has lots of ideas to help teachers plan activities before, during, and after the visit to make the trip a learning experience as well as a memorable one.

For more details or to book your visit:

On every trip there is the opportunity for the students to:
  • Learn how the Windmill works
  • See the different ways the Miller makes flour
  • Have fun measuring the height of the mill
  • Get a taste of the flour with delicious home-made cookies
  • Take home some flour for baking in class
  • Enjoy historical pictures of the mill
  • See what life was like before electricity
  • Have a go at making flour using the "Hand Quern"